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“Why does our Vinyl Flooring have a grey haze?”

Believe it or not, we receive this question quite often when people visit our showroom looking for new flooring. Currently they have sheet vinyl flooring in their home that has developed a grey haze over the years. Not sure as to why this grey haze is there, we are asked why.

Scratched Vinyl

The cause can usually be identified as the abrasion from the worn nylon buttons fastened to the legs of a stool. These wood casters, or even wooden legs, place minute scratches in the vinyl surface attracting dirt. This creates the grey haze you see above. This condition will improve with cleaning, but will reappear a short time later.

Armstrong Industries has developed floor protectors to eliminate this problem. They should be purchased at the time of all flooring covering replacements.

Scratched Vinyl Floor Protectors

We have these floor protectors in-stock for just $11.95 per package. A small investment for saving and extending the life of your floors.

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