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Top 3 questions to ask embee & son BEFORE starting a remodel project

A remodel project in your current home is a large financial and emotional commitment. The designers at embee & son invest a great deal of time with each client throughout the process of design, revision, selection and estimation. Every detail is decided and reviewed prior to contracting our services providing clarity to our clients and insuring projects run smoothly. This intense preparation results in an itemized contract which lists work to be done, as well as, materials and labor costs.  

Here are the top 3 questions to ask embee & son before starting your remodel project.

1. What is our remodel project schedule? 
A schedule involves so much more than just start and completion dates. It outlines the tasks and timing involved, giving you an overall view of the sequence of events for the project. All embee & son customers receive a schedule detailing start and completion dates, arrival and departure times, work to be accomplished each day, and estimated template and installation dates for counter tops.  At embee & son, it is our policy to schedule a job after all materials have arrived, allowing us to remain on site until the remodel is completed. 

embee & son work schedule

embee & son work schedule

2. Does embee & son use contractors or subcontractors?
All work is completed by either employees of embee & son, Michael Barshinger Builder & Developer or by subcontractors with whom we have established long term relationships.

embee & son contractors

embee & son contractors working at a total Kitchen Remodel

3. Is embee & son registered with the state of PA and are they insured?
It is required all contractor’s be registered, as well as insured, in the state of Pennsylvania.  Our registration number is printed wherever our logo is seen; including all ads, vehicles, contracts and business cards.  It can also be found posted in the entrance of our  showroom.  A copy of our Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

embee & son van

The embee & son van, ready to make an appearance at YOUR remodeling project


embee & son is the premier retailer in kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and home fashions in York, PA and South Central, PA. Visit our website to find out more how we can help you with your next project!

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