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The embee & son Details Make All the Difference

In this segment, we are going to discuss counter top edge profiles and how the right edge for you is one of the embee & son details that makes all the difference.

Anyone who has taken on the daunting task of a remodel knows it’s the small things that can be overwhelming. Choosing an edge profile for your new countertop classifies as one of those small choices that have a big impact. These edge options became available to consumers because of the modern usage of machines to fabricate solid surface countertops.

Below are the edge profiles offered at embee & son:


Counter top edge profiles

Counter top edge profiles


The top row shows not only the most popular edge profiles of 1/8” Eased and 1/4” Eased, they are also the most affordable selection.  They have a straight edge with a small radius on the top and a slightly eased edge on the bottom.

Eased Edge ProfileThis is a photo of a 1/4″ Eased Edge Profile

The second and third rows show the next most popular edges and they are considered Level 1 Edge Profiles with a small additional charge to manufacture. A Top Round has a slightly larger top radius than the eased profiles listed above and a Demi-Bullnose has an even larger radius than the Top Round. These two choices are made by clients due to the edge being complementary to both traditional and contemporary design styles. A Full Bullnose has a larger radius on the top and the bottom. This choice is great for any style of kitchen, with it commonly used for countertops with upper bar areas.

Full Bullnose Edge ProfileThis is a photo of a Full Bullnose Edge Profile

The Small Bevel is more of a contemporary style edge with an angular slanting edge at the top giving it a more modern look and feel.

The fourth and fifth rows show edges that are considered Level 2 and Level 3 Edge Profiles with a moderate additional charge to manufacturer. A Small Ogee edge and a Large Ogee edge are chosen for their beauty and elegance in design. It’s a wonderful way to enhance the solid surface countertop you choose. Clients select these two edges for kitchen islands and perimeter countertops to accent the island.

Large Ogee Edge Profile
This is a photo of a Large Ogee Edge Profile

Finally, we have the Chiseled edge. This edge profile is obtained by carefully chipping the edge and smoothing the projections. Clients select this edge for more contemporary kitchens and outdoor kitchens.


Since your new countertop will be a surface you see and touch every day, make sure your choice is practical and will complement the rest of your remodel. If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA or visit our website: www.embeeandson.com

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