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FOR YOUR HOME: Choosing a Paint Color

October 16th, 2015      Leave a comment

Choosing A Paint Color For Your Home

Choosing a paint color for the walls of your home can seem like a very daunting task! Most homeowners usually don’t know where to begin. Like many others, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right colors that will coordinate with adjoining rooms or with interior and/or exterior surfaces. We are here to help guide you with options to consider.


We all have a favorite accessory in our homes such as a rug, throw pillow, plate, chair or painting. Use this treasure as a starting point for your color selections. The combinations in these items will guide you in choosing colors that appeal to your senses and your mood. Check the color wheel to discover how colors work together.

A good way to get started is to choose a small area in your home to experiment. Such as a powder room, hallway, or an area between rooms. Choose a smaller square footage to paint will allow you to see results faster. You can then decide if you’re pleased with the color or if you want to change it.

Be sure to pay attention to the lighting in the room or area you are painting. Natural light will have either a warm or cool cast depending on the direction the room faces. Rooms facing north and east will have a cool cast while rooms facing south and west will have a warm cast. In addition to natural light, incandescent light will make the color appear warmer and fluorescent light will make the color appear cooler. Always test paint samples in the brightest and darkest areas of the room to see how the light in your home will affect the color throughout the day.

Look at your walls as planes of color. Walk into an adjacent room and then walk back into the room you are painting. View the two rooms like a composition because you are going to see pieces of adjoining rooms and you want to make sure they coordinate instead of clash with each other. For a smooth transition between rooms try choosing a color for one room and paint the adjoining room a shade lighter or a shade darker by using tones from the same color family listed on the sample color chip.

Choosing Paint Color Collage Photo

You can also change the appearance of a room’s size with color. If you choose lighter colors you will make the room appear larger, if you choose darker colors you will make the room appear smaller. If you are painting for resale of your home, you may want to be safe and choose neutral colors. They blend the best with other accent colors in accessories. Neutrals are considered safe choices. It helps potential buyers to visualize their belongings in the space much easier.


To learn more about paint choices for your next project with embee & son, stop by our showroom, where our designers will be happy to talk to you about the color options available to you.

Please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

Avoiding Common Painting Mistakes

April 22nd, 2014      Leave a comment

Here are some things to avoid when doing interior painting in your home.

Choose a quality brush or roller.
It is a wise investment to select these because even if you use the premium paints available, a sub par applicator will only produce less than desirable results. This could include small lumps, dust fuzzies, and bristle hairs.

Preparing your painting surface is essential.
Do any necessary repairs to your walls. Such as filling holes and fixing any imperfections. The walls should be clean, dry, and smooth before you begin any paint application. Ensuring these steps are taken will give you a better application of the paint.

Refrain from overextending the brush or roller.
By doing this, there is a possibility the paint can dry in the brush or the nap of the roller can become matted.. Instead, once the paint starts to slightly disappear, reapply the paint to the brush or roller. This will also give you a smooth line of paint.

Keep your hand steady.
Believe it or not, your breathing can affect the steadiness of your hand. Your body does move ever so slightly when you are breathing. To remedy this for those very important areas, such as cutting in near the edges, hold your breath of slowly breath out. Try it! It works.

Keeping the life of the touch-up paint.
It’s very important to keep some left over paint as touch-up paint. But how do you do that effectively? For water-based paint, place plastic wrap directly on the top of the paint and seal the paint container. For oil-based paint, add one half inch of water on the top of the paint and seal the paint container.

These are just a few friendly paint tips brought to you by the staff at embee & son. We know that painting your home can be a daunting task. Just know that we offer painting services and a large selection of paint colors to chose from. We always make sure the job is done correctly.

If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

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