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Kitchen Remodel: How Much Should It Cost?

January 30th, 2017      Leave a comment

Traditional Kitchen Remodel

“How Much Should a Kitchen Remodel Cost?”

This is a question we hear very often at embee & son. A kitchen remodel is not an exact science. And there is not a one answer fits all solution either. Many factors play into the answer for each individual kitchen remodeling project.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare your daily meals, where your family gathers, and where your guests congregate when visiting you. Custom kitchen remodeling has become a very popular home upgrade and can have the largest return on the investment when reselling your home. This also means kitchen remodels can be the most expensive and complicated project for your home.

The average remodel project cost can vary depending upon the size of your kitchen, the quality & type of materials, and if you are changing the layout of the room.

Homeowners have reported that, on average, a moderate kitchen remodel can cost between $20,000-$25,000. A smaller project can be between $10,000-$15,000. However, a typical kitchen remodel costs $30,000+ and includes custom cabinets, high quality flooring materials, hard surface counter tops, glass or tile back splashes, and high-end appliances. Most homeowners in our area spend between $25,000 and $60,000.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel

Your first step is to decide what you want from your kitchen.

Such as; how do you want it to look and function? Or; is the size and configuration correct? The designers at embee & son can help you answer these questions. We are here to help you with this step and all the steps to follow.

Our designers invest a great deal of time with each client throughout the process of design, revision, selection and estimation. Every detail is decided and reviewed prior to contracting our services providing clarity to our clients and insuring projects run smoothly. This intense preparation results in an itemized contract which lists work to be done, as well as, materials and labor costs.

In our next blog, we will talk about how to estimate your kitchen remodeling costs. In the meantime, be sure to come visit our showroom and our talented staff can let you touch, feel and help you choose selections for your kitchen remodeling project.
Please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

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Thinking about a new Kitchen Faucet?

March 3rd, 2015      Leave a comment

Whether you are looking to simple update your kitchen, doing a total kitchen remodeling project, or replacing an old leaky kitchen faucet, choosing a new faucet can be a lot to do.

It’s not just a simple decision anymore. With all the features such as the finish, the number of handles, or pulling the faucet out or down, it can be overwhelming to say the least!

embee & son is here to help you with things to consider before buying a new kitchen faucet. We hope these 5 things can help you with your options before you even leave the comfort of your home.

Delta Allora Kitchen Faucet


  1.  What is your style?
    When you start shopping, it’s good to know what is your style and the style of your kitchen. Look for shape, design, and lines that reflect it. For example,
  1.  What are your uses?
    Are your large pots and pans constantly filling up the sink? Then maybe a faucet with an arched neck might be the right choice. Do you wash most of your dishes with the faucet or do you mainly use it for rinsing?
  1.  Is a sprayer a necessity?
    This question addresses mainly the functionality of the faucet. Keep in mind how you are using the faucet will help in the decision if you should chose a multi-function spray faucet, a side sprayer, or no sprayer at all.Kohler Faucet
  1.  How many handles do you like?
    One handle will allow you to adjust the water temperature and the amount of flow with a single motion while two handles will allow you to mix the hot and cold water.
  1.  How many holes are in your existing sink?
    Keep in mind what is already in your kitchen unless you are doing a remodel with a new sink. Knowing how many holes your current faucet has will determine your search a bit more. Keep in mind many manufacturers offer optional deck plates so if you currently have 3 holes and want a single hole faucet, you could cover it up if that is the look you want.


Come visit our showroom and our talented staff can let you touch, feel and help you choose your new kitchen faucet.

Please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

Is it time to update your counter top and back splash?

December 13th, 2013      Leave a comment

When you enter your kitchen do you cringe? Do you keep the lights turned down low or off?  Are you doing these things because you can’t bear to see your counter top and backs plash another day? Well, we at embee & son, inc. would love to help turn your frown upside down. We offer complete kitchen designs and we are your one stop for counter top and back splash installation.

Three Back Splash Examples

Updating your counter top and back splash is one of the most economical and easiest ways to change the look and feel of your cooking space. Your family and friends will want to gather with you to enjoy it. You can express your personal style and maybe even add a generous helping of added functionality. And you don’t need to take on a full blown kitchen remodel to add equity to your home.

Call today to make an appointment with our expert design staff to visit your home and discuss your preferences. It is helpful to start a portfolio containing your ideas so embee can turn your vision into a reality.

Measuring Photos - Patrick

We will invite you to our showroom to make product material selections. Choosing the right material can really make your space shine. There are many options to consider such as subway tile, glass tile in a myriad of colors, porcelain or ceramic tile, and even hammered copper.

Three Back splash & Counter top Samples

Our experts work with you throughout the process to create a design customized to you and your lifestyle. Your proposal will be the actual price of the project without hidden costs or fees. Upon approval and receipt of the deposit the real fun begins as your selections and products are ordered and produced.  We schedule a time with our granite & quartz counter top fabricator to template your new counter top.

Counter top Template

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery to our location so we can get started on your project . After your items arrive, we will schedule the start date of your project.

Counter top Install Photos

embee & son, inc. provides expert design services, competitive prices, expert installation, and a timely delivery schedule. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and completely committed to assisting our clients from the design stage to the completion of your project. What are you waiting for? For one of the best kitchen remodeling has to offer, choose embee & son, inc.

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