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Regrouting help from embee & son

May 2nd, 2014      Leave a comment

“I thought I could repair a hairline crack between my countertop and ceramic backsplash by re-grouting, but the crack returned. HELP!

What a great question from one of our SMART Magazine readers!


embee & son carries sanded and unsanded caulk which coordinates in color and texture to grout colors. This acrylic caulk expands and contracts with your countertop’s movement. The unsanded caulk is for 1/8″ wide cracks or less. The sanded caulk will correct wider gaps.

Stop in and talk with our experts at embee & son to fully explore all your options and choices. Or you can email us at:
info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

The Beauty of Glass Tile

April 29th, 2014      Leave a comment

At embee & son, we have a wonderful way to add a handcrafted look by selecting glass tile for your next remodeling project. It is a unique and perfect choice for a backsplash, a shower accent, or a flooring accent. It’s becoming a more popular choice over the standard porcelain or ceramic options.

Installation of glass tile that is complementary or distinctive to your decor style can give you wonderful effects alongside of other materials such as quartz, granite, tile, and vinyl. These tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

The Beauty of Glass Tile

Glass tile is perfect artistic way to produce a very unique design in any room of your home. Tiles are crafted to be daringly different, consciously creative, and cannot be matched by other materials. It’s never been easier to create back splashes with more character and charm than now with all the options to be paired with glass tile.

Stop in and talk with our design experts at embee & son to fully explore all your options and choices. Or you can email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA or visit our website: www.embeeandson.com

The embee & son Details Make All the Difference

April 25th, 2014      Leave a comment

In this segment, we are going to discuss counter top edge profiles and how the right edge for you is one of the embee & son details that makes all the difference.

Anyone who has taken on the daunting task of a remodel knows it’s the small things that can be overwhelming. Choosing an edge profile for your new countertop classifies as one of those small choices that have a big impact. These edge options became available to consumers because of the modern usage of machines to fabricate solid surface countertops.

Below are the edge profiles offered at embee & son:


Counter top edge profiles

Counter top edge profiles


The top row shows not only the most popular edge profiles of 1/8” Eased and 1/4” Eased, they are also the most affordable selection.  They have a straight edge with a small radius on the top and a slightly eased edge on the bottom.

Eased Edge ProfileThis is a photo of a 1/4″ Eased Edge Profile

The second and third rows show the next most popular edges and they are considered Level 1 Edge Profiles with a small additional charge to manufacture. A Top Round has a slightly larger top radius than the eased profiles listed above and a Demi-Bullnose has an even larger radius than the Top Round. These two choices are made by clients due to the edge being complementary to both traditional and contemporary design styles. A Full Bullnose has a larger radius on the top and the bottom. This choice is great for any style of kitchen, with it commonly used for countertops with upper bar areas.

Full Bullnose Edge ProfileThis is a photo of a Full Bullnose Edge Profile

The Small Bevel is more of a contemporary style edge with an angular slanting edge at the top giving it a more modern look and feel.

The fourth and fifth rows show edges that are considered Level 2 and Level 3 Edge Profiles with a moderate additional charge to manufacturer. A Small Ogee edge and a Large Ogee edge are chosen for their beauty and elegance in design. It’s a wonderful way to enhance the solid surface countertop you choose. Clients select these two edges for kitchen islands and perimeter countertops to accent the island.

Large Ogee Edge Profile
This is a photo of a Large Ogee Edge Profile

Finally, we have the Chiseled edge. This edge profile is obtained by carefully chipping the edge and smoothing the projections. Clients select this edge for more contemporary kitchens and outdoor kitchens.


Since your new countertop will be a surface you see and touch every day, make sure your choice is practical and will complement the rest of your remodel. If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA or visit our website: www.embeeandson.com

Avoiding Common Painting Mistakes

April 22nd, 2014      Leave a comment

Here are some things to avoid when doing interior painting in your home.

Choose a quality brush or roller.
It is a wise investment to select these because even if you use the premium paints available, a sub par applicator will only produce less than desirable results. This could include small lumps, dust fuzzies, and bristle hairs.

Preparing your painting surface is essential.
Do any necessary repairs to your walls. Such as filling holes and fixing any imperfections. The walls should be clean, dry, and smooth before you begin any paint application. Ensuring these steps are taken will give you a better application of the paint.

Refrain from overextending the brush or roller.
By doing this, there is a possibility the paint can dry in the brush or the nap of the roller can become matted.. Instead, once the paint starts to slightly disappear, reapply the paint to the brush or roller. This will also give you a smooth line of paint.

Keep your hand steady.
Believe it or not, your breathing can affect the steadiness of your hand. Your body does move ever so slightly when you are breathing. To remedy this for those very important areas, such as cutting in near the edges, hold your breath of slowly breath out. Try it! It works.

Keeping the life of the touch-up paint.
It’s very important to keep some left over paint as touch-up paint. But how do you do that effectively? For water-based paint, place plastic wrap directly on the top of the paint and seal the paint container. For oil-based paint, add one half inch of water on the top of the paint and seal the paint container.

These are just a few friendly paint tips brought to you by the staff at embee & son. We know that painting your home can be a daunting task. Just know that we offer painting services and a large selection of paint colors to chose from. We always make sure the job is done correctly.

If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

Lighting 101

March 28th, 2014      Leave a comment

By Vicki Collazo

Every day, we take light for granted; the sun comes up each morning and sets at night.  We flip a switch and the light comes on, flip it again and it goes off.  We use devices to illuminate our homes, offices, cars and phones…we can’t live without it.  The sun, the greatest light of all, lights and warms the earth and provides nutrients for all living beings. It changes throughout the day creating movement, color and beauty. How many of us have sat on the beach in the evening and watched as the light bounced off the water? What is more stunning than a summer sunrise or the colors of the sun setting on the horizon? 

Just as light is important in nature and our everyday lives, so it is in our designs at embee & son.  It is the most overlooked or forgotten detail in kitchen and bath design.  Each time I sit with a client to review the “must haves” for their new kitchen and bath, lighting is often missing.

 “What about the lighting?” I ask.

“…oh, yes, we need more.” is the usual response. 

Most clients are surprised and thrilled to see how much lighting is incorporated in their design.  As found in nature, each room must have layers of light. The sun rises softly signaling the start of a new day, intensifies to its peak at midday illuminating our daily activities, and bathes us in the glow of the moon and the stars at night. These layers; general, task and ambient lighting, are to be incorporated in every room of your home.

embee and son lighting


General lighting floods a room with light allowing you to see everything; therefore it needs to be the brightest light in the room.  In kitchens, it’s the recessed ceiling lights.  Single fixtures in the middle of the room are insufficient and cast shadows on your work surface.  Bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms need appropriate ceiling fixtures to provide sufficient light to illuminate the entire room.


embee and son lighting


Task lighting illuminates specific zones.  It is the under cabinet lighting and pendant over the island in the kitchen which are the designated work areas.  Desk lamps, table lamps and reading lamps are necessary for the task at hand whether it be paying bills, playing games or enjoying a good book.   Vanity lights are the task lights in the bathroom…not the general lights.  They are strategically placed, allowing you to see in mirror.


embee and son lighting

Ambient lighting-

Ambient lighting’s primary use is to highlight the beauty of either an interior or exterior space.  It is the decorative and accent lighting in the room. This is where we have fun accenting architectural details, artwork and use various light sources to create warmth, drama, whimsy and romance.  It can be as simple as dimming the task lights in the kitchen or as complex as layers of multicolor LED lights on timers.


It is always best to consult with a professional when planning your lighting design. In addition to the layers of light, there is a myriad of details a designer uses to determine the proper lighting for a room or space.  General lighting requires formulas to assure the correct amount of watts used to sufficiently illuminate. Natural sunlight and the location of a room dictate the type of lighting needed.  Northern and eastern exposures cast a cool light while western and southern exposures cast a warm light.  A designer will know how this will affect the look and colors of a room throughout the day.  

Light fixtures are not only functional but are also architectural pieces in a room.  The scale of the fixture must be balanced with the scale of the room. Other important factors to consider when creating a lighting design are; function of the space, age of the client, height of the ceilings, colors of walls and fabrics and the textures of the furniture and textiles. The designers at embee & son will help you create the perfect setting for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel by providing effective work spaces, resale value and quality of life.

If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be
delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

Is it time to update your counter top and back splash?

December 13th, 2013      Leave a comment

When you enter your kitchen do you cringe? Do you keep the lights turned down low or off?  Are you doing these things because you can’t bear to see your counter top and backs plash another day? Well, we at embee & son, inc. would love to help turn your frown upside down. We offer complete kitchen designs and we are your one stop for counter top and back splash installation.

Three Back Splash Examples

Updating your counter top and back splash is one of the most economical and easiest ways to change the look and feel of your cooking space. Your family and friends will want to gather with you to enjoy it. You can express your personal style and maybe even add a generous helping of added functionality. And you don’t need to take on a full blown kitchen remodel to add equity to your home.

Call today to make an appointment with our expert design staff to visit your home and discuss your preferences. It is helpful to start a portfolio containing your ideas so embee can turn your vision into a reality.

Measuring Photos - Patrick

We will invite you to our showroom to make product material selections. Choosing the right material can really make your space shine. There are many options to consider such as subway tile, glass tile in a myriad of colors, porcelain or ceramic tile, and even hammered copper.

Three Back splash & Counter top Samples

Our experts work with you throughout the process to create a design customized to you and your lifestyle. Your proposal will be the actual price of the project without hidden costs or fees. Upon approval and receipt of the deposit the real fun begins as your selections and products are ordered and produced.  We schedule a time with our granite & quartz counter top fabricator to template your new counter top.

Counter top Template

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery to our location so we can get started on your project . After your items arrive, we will schedule the start date of your project.

Counter top Install Photos

embee & son, inc. provides expert design services, competitive prices, expert installation, and a timely delivery schedule. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and completely committed to assisting our clients from the design stage to the completion of your project. What are you waiting for? For one of the best kitchen remodeling has to offer, choose embee & son, inc.


November 15th, 2013      Leave a comment

Have you been searching for a solid surface counter top material recently? Do you want a unique natural stone product that is available in hundreds of patterns and colors? Do you want something different that your neighbor down the street may not have? Well granite may well be the answer for you! There are hundreds of color choices with many different patterns including veins, specks, and swirls. Granite is easy to clean and it is a sanitary counter top material because it does not harbor bacteria. And no two slabs are the same because of it being natural stone. Many people like the fact the color is all the way through the product.

Granite Samples

Some of the top benefits of granite counter tops are beauty,
affordability, durability, and a unique look. The beauty of your natural stone will still be seen in five years. Granite is hard to
scratch and you can place hot items such as griddles, fryers, and
toaster ovens that won’t burn or leave char marks. It is stain resistant with our 25 year warranty sealant. But not to worry if you do scratch it, repair is possible if it is damaged.
It’s not a trend, it’s strong, it’s kid friendly, and it’s so durable,
it will last your lifetime and more. So what are you waiting for? Come into the embee & son showroom and view the many samples we have.


Granite Collage


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