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Flooring Trends: Rustic and Distressed Wood Gaining In Popularity

You know you’ve seen it. The shows on television that focus on makeovers and renovations. And many of these shows are featuring rustic and distressed wood-look flooring styles for these projects. There’s a reason for that. They are unique, practical and affordable. A good portion of consumers don’t want the nicks, dents and scratches that are inherently present when having a true hardwood floor. It takes diligence and dedication to take care of a true hardwood floor. With today’s busy lifestyle for families it just makes sense to choose a more durable, highly scratch resistant option.

rustic and distressed wood

Mannington – Adura Distinctive LVP – Avalon

What will give these floors their distinctive reclaimed and rustic looks is the unique machine scraping and the state-of-the-art staining processes. This will give the category of rustic and distressed wood-look flooring it’s appeal. Handscraped styles in the lighter patterns and the wood species have been very popular. Even beginning the takeover in popularity compared to the darker, more traditional patterns. But no matter what the color, consumers are still going to desire texture in their flooring giving the room more character.

rustic and distressed wood

Mannington – Adura Distinctive LVP – County Oak

We have a consultation with our customers from the start of their flooring project to the end about their needs, how they live and if this look fits their lifestyle. We have several different manufactures from which to choose a rustic and distressed wood-look floor. Providing our customers with a large choice from which to decide. We encourage our customers to take home samples and evaluate which choice is best for their room.


If you have any questions for our talented staff, please email us at: info@embeeandson.com. We would be delighted to talk with you and welcome you to visit our showroom at: 1150 Stewart Street in York, PA.

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